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Dynamic Foam Testing Systems

GS-MEC-F02 / F02 Pro

Compression test : ASTM 3574 IFD / ASTM 3574 IRGL / ISO 2439 / GBT 10807
Fatigue test            : ASTM 3574 / ISO 3385 / GBT 18941

It is fast acting table top testers ideally suited for performing static and dynamic fatigue tests on Flexible Cellular Materials – (Slab, Bonded, and Molded Urethane Foams. GS- MEC F02 Pro equipped a servo motor and roller screw based linear actuator to achieve loading frequencies up to 90 cycles per minutes. The loading pad can equip different module to perform different kinds of loading test.

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Servo motor 

Dynamic Foam Testing Systems

Changtable for compression hardness test and fatigue test

Up to 90 cycles per minutes




GS-MEC-F02 Pro

Force Capacity N/Kgf

1000N 100kgf

1200N /120kgf

Maximum Speed (mm/sec)


250 mm/s

Actuator Stroke (mm)

300 mm

300 mm

Position Resolution (mm)



Maximum Power (VA)



Single Phase Voltage (VAC , Hz)

110/220V option

110/220V option

Force Capacity N/Kgf:

GS-MEC-F02       : 1000N /100kgf
GS-MEC-F02 Pro: 1200N /120kgf

Maximum Speed (mm/sec):

GS-MEC-F02       : 30 mm/s
GS-MEC-F02 Pro: 250 mm/s

Actuator Stroke (mm):

GS-MEC-F02       : 300mm
GS-MEC-F02 Pro: 300mm

Position Resolution (mm):

GS-MEC-F02        : ±0.02mm
GS-MEC-F02 Pro : ±0.01mm

Maximum Power (VA):

GS-MEC-F02        : 200W
GS-MEC-F02 Pro : 400W

Single Phase Voltage (VAC , Hz):

GS-MEC-F02        : 110/220V option
GS-MEC-F02 Pro : 110/220V option