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Engineered Solutions – Designed to Order

Designed To Order

Great Safe has the expertise to design , build , deliver and implement custom mechanical test equipment. From basic manual test system to automation test system , from small table top electromechanical system to universal test frames. Our experienced engineers will work with you from the initial contract to ensure the system is designed to meet your exact requirements. We will provide smart and safe life time technical support to you.
Below are some cases of engineered solutions we’ve built for customer in the past.

Flex Tester for Fabric and Leather

Great Safe Fabric Flexing Tester for evaluating a fabric or leather’s resistance to flexing fatigue. It is a bench top machine with eight test stations.
Each station includes suitable clamps for attaching the test samples after they are rolled up.
The operator loads as many stations as are desired by rolling each sample around the mounting barrels at either end and attaching them with the screw clamps provided.
Note that the stations being loaded must be at full stroke. The desired number of test cycles is then entered on the cycle counter and the test is started.
Operation controlled by PLC touch screen.

Belt Buckle Tester

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Door Hinge Tester

PLC Controller

1) Each group of cylinders can work individually, interactively or synchronously, with separate preset counters, interactive or when working synchronously, a counter calculates the test cycle.
In the interactive function, you can freely select interactive objects and combinations, such as 1+2, 1+2+3, 1+2+3+4, etc.
2) The extension and retraction of the cylinder is set and controlled by the time, the shortest 0.1 second, the longest 3200 seconds.
3) Each group output is individually adjusted and displayed on the pressure gauge through the precision pressure regulator.
4) The display interface is an integrated touch screen. The test cycle and time period of each group can be set on the touch screen.
5) 2 ports per component at the output, the trachea is distinguished by different colors, reducing the chance of misconnection
6) The controller comes with an air filter that separates the water in the compressed air from the suspended particles, increasing the service life of the valve and pneumatic components
7) Directional control valve uses five-position three-way, double-coil. Even if the pressure is maintained for a long time, the coil will not burn out.
8) Remote help control program modification, can purchase our computer with software at the same time, after we update the program and send e-mail after downloading directly modify the control program, can be more flexible to adapt to future use.
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Automatic Aluminum Shell Bursting Tester

Electric Actuatortype Handlefatigue Tester

1)    The cross head was motor driven up and down to suit for different height of the stroller.
2) The actuator was driven by servo motor integrated with ball screw, you can get a precisely speed control and the most important is that the user no longer need to tune up any sensing device for the push up and down motion of the wheel. All setting done on the front control panel
3) Special design clamping fixture can suit most of the handle.
4) Test cycle pre-settable.
5) Programmable controller and user friendly interface made the operation of the tester as simple as ABC.
6) Base plate foldable easy for transportation handling, also easy for on site set up.
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