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Foam and Mattress Testing Machine

Great Safe is a professional manufacture of testing equipment specified in

Foam and Mattress


Foam Rebound Tester

This machine is designed for the determination of the rebound elasticity of foam materials applied in ASTM D3574, ISO 8307, JIS 6400

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Dynamic Foam Testing Systems

This machine is suited for performing static and dynamic fatigue tests.
Compression test: ASTM 3574 IFD / ASTM 3574 IRGL / ISO 2439 / GBT 10807
Fatigue test: ASTM 3574 / ISO 3385 / GBT 18941

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Foam Compression Hardness Tester

This is used to test material compressed indentation hardness. AS 2281, ASTM F1566, ASTM D3574 , ISO 3386, ISO 2439, BS EN 1957:2000

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Foam Permanent Compression Tester

Put the foam under a specified temperture and reglar time to test the changes of thickness of the sample after recovery. ISO 1856, ASTM D3574

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Foam Porosity Tester

Foam Porosity Tester is used for monitoring the porosity of flexible cellular polyurethane.

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Foam Density Tester

This machine use for determine the volume density, apparent density and wet density of foam, sponge, and packing material applied to GB/T6343, GB/8810, GB/T2669, GB/T10799, GB/T1033, ASTM D 3574.

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Mattress Roller Test Machine
(Durability Test + Firmness Test)

The Cornell Type Tester is used to test the long term capacity of bedding to resist cyclic loading. The machine consists of a double hemispherical ram head on a manually adjustable shaft.

ASTM F1566 , EN 1957 , EN 1725

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